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Amy Nowaczyk Featured in "The Indiana Lawyer"

Posted On 7/10/2012

After working as a paralegal in our offices, Amy decided that she loved working with our clients so much that she would go to law school. She recently graduated from Valparaiso University Law School and will take the Bar later this summer.

Amy studied elder law while at Valparaiso and she is featured in The Indiana Lawyer article about the growing number of new lawyers going into the elder law specialty. As part of the course at Valparaiso, students received on-site experience of the needs of elderly clients. Of course, Amy already had some of that by working in our office. Now, she is even better positioned to assist our clients.

Read the full article in The Indiana Lawyer to learn more about what Indiana law schools are doing to help train a new generation of elder law attorneys. You can even read what Amy had to say about how much she has enjoyed working with our clients.

Please read the full article in The Indiana Lawyer.


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